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Gerald and Cecily McKoy have been running Victor Valley Desert Christian School, and Wee Hands At Home Support Group since 2006. We began homeschooling our first born child as a preschooler in 2001 and have continued to home educate all of our five sons for their entire academic career. Our oldest two recently graduated from junior college while they were age 19 and 17. Over the years, we have graduated our own children and other students from our school who have successfully gone on to higher education, military, and business careers, all while growing a godly worldview. We work closely with our state homeschool organizations to keep informed of the best ways to lead our school, and keep you informed on how to protect your parental and homeschooling rights and freedoms. We seek to offer a school of integrity, full services, and high standards that you can be proud of.

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Gerald and Cecily McKoy Family.

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