VVDCS Information

We offer great benefits for your homeschooling family:

  • Record keeping (maintaining your cumulative records)
  • Transcripts (for high school students and graduates)
  • Promotion and Graduation Ceremonies for all students
  • School ID cards for students and faculty
  • Curriculum Lending Library and Curriculum Counseling
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Field trips
  • Park days (Craft Activities and Picnics)
  • Holiday Parties (Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter)
  • Community Service Projects (Helping on Veteran’s days in the Senior Home and Community Clean Up)
  • Connections to Classes for Fine Arts, Sports and Educational Enrichment
  • Experienced Christian Leaders for Support and Fellowship

Below you will find our statement of faith, membership requirements, code of conduct and our guidelines and fees. Please take the time to read each of these documents to make sure we will be a good fit for your family.


VVDCS Mission-Vision-Purpose-Unity Statement

VVDCS Fee Breakdown & Guidelines

VVDCS Code of Conduct-Dress Code

VVDCS Health and Safety Policy

VVDCS Distinctives

Homeschool Forms To Make Your Life Easier


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Payment Links via PayPal:

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Click here to pay $250 Annual Tuition Fee in Full via PayPal

Click here to pay $25 Monthly Tuition Payment via PayPal

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